• Stop and Stare

    Stop and Stare

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    Concept ¦ Mid-way we crave to escape
    Location ¦ Grădina Botanică lake, Iași
    Dress ¦ Revolve (find it here and other models here)
    Hat ¦ Meli Melo
    Round bag ¦ Andra Oprea (find it here)

  • Un colt de rai

    Un colt de rai

    Concept ¦ A place like heaven
    Location ¦ Pastel Chalet, com. Vama Buzăului, jud. Brașov
    Blue dress ¦ Izabela Măndoiu (find it here)

  • Walk with Me

    Walk with Me

    Concept ¦ Everything’s a rush: outfits, days…
    Location ¦ Lăpușneanu street, Iași
    Red dress ¦ Noi9 (find it here)
    Belt ¦ Vintage
    Shoes ¦ Converse
    Backpack ¦ Andra Oprea
    Photos taken&edited by ¦ Maria Zavate (Zavate)

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