• Tu ce standarde ai?

    Tu ce standarde ai?

    And there you have a look. Your own look.


    Concept ¦ Personal Beauty Standards
    Location ¦ Colegiul Național , Iași
    Photo by ¦ Oana Gociman (follow her here and here)
    Hairstyle ¦ Studio 16 (find them here)
    Denim Bodysuit ¦ Murmur (find it…

  • Personal Style Diaries

    Personal Style Diaries


    Now you can Pin It!

    Concept ¦ Personal Style Diary
    Location ¦ Ștefan cel Mare Boulevard , Iași
    Photo by ¦ The Phope (follow him here)
    Hairstyle ¦ Studio 16 (find them here)
    Blazer ¦ Vintage
    White Jeans ¦ Vintage
    Bag ¦ Bookletta
    Shoes ¦ Mus…

  • Fun & fresh with Time Out

    Fun & fresh with Time Out

    Time Out. Americat Smart Casual Wear and Denim Collection.
    Be it!


    Concept ¦ Young and Fresh with Time Out
    Location ¦ Bucharest
    All outfits ¦ Time Out







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